Day three Serengeti

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life

Rachel Carson

A most pleasant day. Walk in am again not quite three miles chameleon, dung beetles, ants, giraffes, dik-disks,termites. Lunch and Cindy had us collect grasses and estimate numbers of species. We split into 4 groups and each group came up with 12-15 different grasses. But what was interesting was each group had sort of different grasses. Basically a lot of species of grass.

Morning coffee from Haguy our cook
Dung beetle. Male rolls female rides
Game drive
Serengeti (ostriches in there)

Another game drive this pm with lots of giraffes, Wildebeast, grants gazelle, ostriches and usual lots of birds I cannot seem to remember or I’d list except ostrich, and secretary birds. Numerous of the birds are big like 1/3 meter to 2 meters.

Secretary bird
Zebra and eland

A game of charades mimicking organisms we have seen and what they are doing, mine was giraffe eating acacia, and the other was a flamingo feeding.

Grass organizing
People dinner

Serengeti has been wonderful just having an endless horizon. And the solitude.

One thought on “Day three Serengeti

  1. After your cheetah/wildebeest story, I was really happy to read about categorizing grasses. I don’t know why I’m not yet a vegetarian. The solitude, though…..that must be magnificent.

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