J. R. has worked as a nurse, biologist, outdoor educator, paper delivery boy, tree planter, hot shot firefighter, tree sprayer, ordained minister (universal life church), and goof off.

He became interested in bicycle touring when at the age of 14 met a group cycling across the United States and going through Yellowstone Park.  The next year he joined a month long tour through Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. West Virginia.  He was hooked.

Since then J. R. has biked numerous places including Colorado, Utah, New Mexico: including the Great Divide from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border.

One thought on “About

  1. JR,

    Just thinking about you on this, the second day of your bike tour. Mary Pat & I have enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to follow up throughout the rest of your journey. I visited with Jeanne in St. Louis last week along with the rest of the Mollitors at the sad gathering. We may see her again in St. Louis when we’re back there for an Italian wedding on Mary Pat’s side on Oct 4th. Then we’re looking forward to an overnight visit from Jeanne at the end of her 3 day conference in Indianapolis, after which we will leave for our condo in Treasure Island, Fl. until mid November. Good luck and good health to you during the rest of your ride. Don


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