Day three Serengeti

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life

Rachel Carson

A most pleasant day. Walk in am again not quite three miles chameleon, dung beetles, ants, giraffes, dik-disks,termites. Lunch and Cindy had us collect grasses and estimate numbers of species. We split into 4 groups and each group came up with 12-15 different grasses. But what was interesting was each group had sort of different grasses. Basically a lot of species of grass.

Morning coffee from Haguy our cook
Dung beetle. Male rolls female rides
Game drive
Serengeti (ostriches in there)

Another game drive this pm with lots of giraffes, Wildebeast, grants gazelle, ostriches and usual lots of birds I cannot seem to remember or I’d list except ostrich, and secretary birds. Numerous of the birds are big like 1/3 meter to 2 meters.

Secretary bird
Zebra and eland

A game of charades mimicking organisms we have seen and what they are doing, mine was giraffe eating acacia, and the other was a flamingo feeding.

Grass organizing
People dinner

Serengeti has been wonderful just having an endless horizon. And the solitude.

Tarangire national park

If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied

Alfred Nobel

Oh oh my Cindy our your leader stated before we began don’t bring reading material as very little time. Proving quite true. Up at 5:30 this am just as first light over horizon was erupting. Breakie, and away at 7 for driving and looking. I have 20 bird species which is only partial count, lions, elephants, zebra, ibis, impala, warthog, ostrich (ok that is a bird),giraffe, lizard, blue monkeys, baboon and numerous others. Oh my the. Diversity and numbers are amazing. Once again I am very impressed with the knowledge of of guides Simon and douhee.

Now after lunch we have a couple hours of siesta and wonderful. I am sitting on porch of our “tent” overlooking the River valley watching some bush bucks drink and a bunch of elephants wander about. And just heard some lions roaring. And do not forget the gin and tonic in hand. Temperature is high 30’s. (High 80’s Fahrenheit

Awaiting our arrival
Fashion statement
Our “tent”

Tarangire national park was created befor 1960 and currently has 2800 square kilometers of area. But one must remember this is an island, as are many of the national parks. It is surrounded by people. Mostly Masai tribe which are cattle and goat herders. This park is where the animals can live,

Morning from tent with mt Meru and terengeri River
Elephants are trained here to stand at attention for tourists. Watching this group for over an hour
Nap time for youngsters
Water hole
Mom and babe
Brothers ? Fighting
Impala herd – termite mound to left
Brothers still fighting


View from tent water buck out there and elephants
Giraffe and baobab tree
Laporte-faced vulture
Scratching an itch
Yet another hornbill looking for a handout

And that is just a few hours of photo taking. Sorry no editing. Time to head out again

Leopard in heat of day escaping bugs and heat on ground