Africa bound

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there. George Harrison

Well here we go again. Have never been to Africa. Thus off we go. But as a friend from South Africa once told me – OK where in Africa, there are 53 countries in Africa, all of them very different from each other. If you are just going to check off the box, well ok but there is a lot there to check off. Sounds like one of those lists where as the list gets checked off several items are added. The list gets longer, not shorter. But I admit I have never been to Africa as a continent. This will be the seventh of seven. So in preparation I watched “The Lion King” movie.

This trip came about through a friend of a friend who taught botany at Gustavas. Apparently when she retired she wanted to be in anchorage because of the recreational opportunities. During her professor tenure she had done several trips teaching to Tanzania, and loved that place. She has continued doing trips there with friends. We were signed up to go a few years back but COVID out a damper on things for a bit. So there are 12 of us including Cindy. We shall see.

Currently sitting on a Boeing 737-900 enroute Anchorage to Seattle – 3 hours- then an hour and half before departure. Then a Boeing 777-300 ER for 14 1/2 hours to Doha Qatar arriving tomorrow at 5 pm. 8 hour layover departing 1 am. Jeanne has arranged a hotel for those 8 hours at the airport. Whew! Then on to 7 hour flight again a 777 to Kilimanjaro airport, arriving 7:30 am, where someone will meet us and transport us to Arusha (hopefully acquainted with severely jet lagged zombies).

Sunday 65 meter ski jump hill ready for competition less than 24 hours since this was written
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