The circle of Life. (Serengeti day 2 continues)

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions


Well the dilemmas continue. Tourism is it good or bad? Vouyeristic tourism

A wondrous afternoon and departed at 4 in search of a cheetah, driving a lot, wild cross country.

Saw a lone Wildebeast calf. Which began following us. Apparently somewhat common, as if imprint on mother does not occur within that 15 minutes when they can walk and run they will follow anything. Birth can be interrupted by a predator or whatever. The calf will then follow anything, have even been seen to follow a lion. It followed us for a while, and all agreed it would not make it through the night, unless it found a herd of Wildebeast, of which we saw none.

We did see a cerval cat and a family of black backed jackals and a mess of hyena. And managed to get stuck but other truck came along and just gave us a push.

Stuck (winches are useless as no where to fasten)

Then we started to return to camp. Doudee saw a cat way off in distance. Turns out a cheetah and we followed it a bit, then got a bit ahead as cat sat down and rested. Doudee thought it was full from just eating. But then along comes the Wildebeast calf. Totally unexpecting it was a very short chase and the calf was down. And for the next 36 minutes we watched and filmed the cat begin its dinner. Simon says it was in a hurry because there were hyena around and they would come in and chase the cheetah away, so the cat had to eat rapidly. Meaning the calf was not dead with an occasional moan and squeal and kick.following is a video and if queezy do not watch.

Totally oblivious Wildebeast calf
Sunset storks

The sun was beginning to set and and the storks went into the trees to roost. Got some I believe incredible sunset pictures to complement the sunrise pictures.

After dinner

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