Drive north

The only lasting truth is change

Octavia spencer

A long day started 6 am listening to lion roaring seemingly outside our tent. But turns out was 2 k away. When up for coffee Simon says let’s go find lion so we did. Amazing.

Just outside camp
Still sunrise
Jeanne and meal tent
Chameleon from yesterday walk
Chameleon hiding

Finally depart about 8:45 and arrived here at north end of Serengeti park about 5:40. Very hot lots of animals. Wildebeast going on forever. A lion kill hyena tearing apart the remains with jackal and vultures going for whatever. Rhinoceros, and at end of day hippo pool with about 100 hippo spending the day in water.

Migration. We sat here 45 minutes and it did not diminish horizon to horizon. There are 2 1/2 million Wildebeast in the Serengeti which is 5760 square kilometer (about 3500 square miles. )
Hyenas vultures on Wildebeast taken by lion earlier. (We know it was a lion as saw it as hyenas took it away)
Hippo pool
Hippo pool they sleep during day and graze on shore at night.
Arrival at hippo camp

Now exhausted as was very Hot.

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