Discrepancies, conceit, and expectations and reentry

This post is done here in Anchorage but the following are notes I made during the 10 days of travel from South America to Alaska.

Well back in the United States although not home yet. Still visiting relatives for Holiday season. It is very nice to visit and just sit back and ponder whatever.  Time to reflect, time to adjust to a somewhat less regimented life. So many decisions, what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, am I really hungry or just eating, which shower product to use for washing hair (about 10 choices in shower I have access to), the list goes on.

Trying to explain the trip to others but seems it does not coming across quite right. Reactions of others are, from my perception,  “that’s interesting, when do you want to eat?” I can’t seem to get the feelings across. I am doing exactly what I preach against; “my past life is more interesting than yours”. I call myself out and note the discrepancy.

Then I am going through the 10000 some odd pictures I took on the trip trying to cull them to the interesting, in focus, correct exposure, and each brings a flood of memories. But they are memories. I do not get the feeling that was there when I took it. The heat, the exhaustion, the work involved in stopping, getting camera, framing picture. I was going through the two days from Uyuni to Tupiza and the pictures show flat desolation but the sensation is only vaguely there. I see the kilometer posting and think back on the work involved getting those 60 kilometers or whatever.  Pictures just do not portray the feeling.  How do you take a picture of the wind?

Mississippi River
Mississippi River

And flying over the United States is a kick watching the mid country prairies covered in snow but still the field patterns are there as well as roads, towns, cities, and it progresses into the Rocky Mountains.  I love looking and trying to identify places especially places I may have been and it brings back memories of different trips.

When asked if I would do it again, my response is “In a Heartbeat”.  The chance to see and feel new places and the challenges involved.  There were certainly moments and I am still digesting those and hope to write about some of those when I can figure it out.  Group dynamics, going slow, tired every day all sorts of things.  The list of things to explore is endless, whether physical or mental.

Thus this is probably my last post to South America.  I have had such enjoyment in writing I believe I will try and continue, but at a different site.  This one is called “J. R. at home” with same address.  More to come although perhaps as adventurous as past months.