Day 2 Serengeti

It’s kind of fun doing the impossible

Walt Disney

Camp sunrise continues

Interesting – awoke to absolutely first light gorgeous sunrise out tent door. I say no mountains to block the view. Breakie and off for a hike, 3 kilometer taking 3 1/2 hours looking at sign but no big animals except giraffe. But dung beetles (quite entertaining), harvester ants and the ants in galls of whistling acacia. Now having a delightful quiet time over an hour seemingly the biggest break of able to relax. Just sitting and looking. Possibly maybe figured out why camera is running through battery. (I chose the camera with AA batteries rather than rechargeable).

Turned off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the camera.

Concerning gear quite happy with gear packed so far. Concerning camera camera I had 5 to choose from. Each had its attributes I played with all chose this one Nikon cool pix 500 and I thinking working better than I give it credit for Important thing concerning gear is play with it first and know how it works.

A very nice break for lunch

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