Away we go

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

John F Kennedy

Ok because of no internet or Wi-Fi or communication in our remote camp in southern Serengeti I wrote each day but could not post. Hence here back in Arusha I am posting basically each day’s consecutively. I would label each day date but have not a clue what day it is, and have no interest in that. As usual there are errors which are mine because of either typing or I heard something different than what was actually explained. Feel free to correct me in comments

Well another great day although a bit of diarrhea or maybe just upset stomach feeling much better now. So really only one day if it extends no farther But day a little off just feeling other riders.

But made it here not sure how Simon and doudee navigated as no gps no mountains, and endless plains, which happens to be what Serengeti means. Endless plains. A lot of off-road and unsure how I feel about that but it was fun I confess. Doudee is a great driver but others feel they must give advice.

Oldepye gorge where we all came from

At one. point came across car very stuck in mud. Amazing how it looks very solid but a few tracks and it is a mud hole. These were rangers who had gotten lost. But amazing as I only had an inkling of direction.

Driving on the Serengeti

But again the amazing part was the animals thousand and thousands of Wildebeast. Seemingly always in motion. Calves running jumping and kicking being babies. Apparently they can be up and running within 15 minutes of birth at full speed. With lions hyenas leopards and anything else no wonder. One area the Wildebeast a were walking the beach of a lake which was filled with pink flamingos. Then they came to a narrow section and they had to cross which they just kept going.Amazing with the zebras mixed in, but when the zebras reached the crossing the zebras all held back. Doudee says because they are waiting to see if safe from crocodiles or whatever. ( there are no crocodiles in this lake. ). Also mixed in we’re Thompson’s gazelle and grants gazelle, and saw 4 big elan. Before we reached the treeless plain there were the forest of acacia trees with numerous giraffe. Seeing the animals is not a maybe you will see but how many. Maybe for leopard and rhinoceros but others common. And saw some lions today and a fair number of hyena.

Along road between ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks. Masai land
Wildebeast and zebra crossing
Lion and lioness
Coming into camp
Home for three nights

And a visit to Oldevie (actually mispronounced and misspelled oldepye)gorge, some of original anthropology and archeology was done to find homo erectus. Interesting.

Again a tent camp. Nice. Currently it is 9:15 and can hear crickets but also Wildebeast not far. And may have just heard a lion. We are instructed ok to go out and pee, but before going out scan with flashlight first for eyes if seen go back inside. Especially if red eyes. Yellow ok as Wildebeast or gazelle but red is lion leopard or hyena.

One thought on “Away we go

  1. I hope there were no red eyes during the night. This is the best vicarious trip I’ve ever taken, JR. Thank you. The mental image of wildebeests, zebras, and flamingos moving together in the water is too much to imagine.

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