Brockport -Newark day 3

Stop worrying about potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.

Fitzhugh Mullan

Finally just a day of riding. Awesome just cruising along mile after mile on a great bike path. And I think it was because temperatures were very good for riding it added to enjoyment 55-75f (15-23C). There were numerous people out and boats on canal. Jeanne said it was because it was Saturday, or we were approaching city of Rochester. I think it was the temperature.

Brockport, New York
Erie Canal bike path near Brockport

One interesting town Fairport the trail goes through a side street of small markets and people out walking enjoying the sunshine, but it appeared 95% were looking at cell phones, even little kids -zombie land- enough so that I really noticed.

Frequent history signs

Then came across the outdoor store REI next to trail so popped in to see if he had a brake for Jeanne’s bike. Viola, he did not have any but had just finished replacing someone else’s brakes which the rear was bad (not same problem) and was going to throw away the front brake. Wow a freebie. I was going to install it out with the sidewalk sale, but Jeanne said it was fine now. She did not want to risk the same problem, of a sticking brake. On we rode.

Junction of Genesee river and Erie Canal (hint- the Erie Canal is route in middle) (bike bridge across out of sight on left. I90 to right)

Stopped and watched locks in action. Lock operation never ceases to fascinate me

Boat up
Boat down

After a whopping 16 foot descent (5 meters) we cruised on to Palmyra. Reading about the area apparently in the 1820’s and 1830’s it was a hotbed of evangelical churches, religious fervor, and sprouting of new sects. The founder of the Mormons was from here (Joseph Smith) when the angel Moroni visiting him with a bunch of gold tablets explaining it all. Apparently seventh day Adventist’s also came about here at about same time. I was careful to not get or drink any water from area.

On to Newark meeting some Canadian lads out for a weekend ride. Only motel in town was right next to trail. Great. Dinner was a choice between a place advertising “bud light” and one advertising craft beers. We chose the latter and an excellent dinner.

Ride to Newark

Back at motel and excite as Jeanne gets a new brake.. alas, not to be. The brake lever is integrated with shifter so need that assembly, a very specialized part. She says she is doing fine

Last sunset of summer. Equinox occurred 2 hours later

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