Day 20 blues

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The work is the same.”

Carlos Castaneda

Not such a good day yesterday. Just did not feel it. Tried figuring out why but nothing made sense. Started day with blaring FOX news at nite breakfast. Do not see that much,but what obvious bias.

The trail left the canal roads and farmland of which we missed turns. The list of problems continued but nothing made sense as to why I was not with it.

Then I thought it feels like day 21. I have noticed over several trips and talked with others who had same problem. Often the third week gets one. But this is day 4. Makes no sense, then I realized we have been gone 20 days from Anchorage. Ok I will accept that answer. Now to work it through.

We made it to the little town of Port Byron (no port or canal in sight) and Jeanne says let’s stop for lunch. Great diner and felt a bit better. Always interesting to see the local hangout on a Sunday morning.

After a huge lunch the route joins the old canal disused since 1917, but maintained as a trail with our friendly surface “stone dust”. Great riding.

Made it to Camillus a suburb of Syracuse, and a great modern motel. Ordered a part for Jeanne’s bike and hopefully today will be better.

Foggy morning
Missed a turn and finding way back to route
New York Farmland
Famous people slept near here
Trail along old canal

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