Lockport – Brockport day 2

Don’t listen to others listen to yourself

Whew what a day, up somewhat early as fell asleep very early due to tiredness. Hoped to catch up to whatever schedule we have (maybe 40 mile days) Rochester is 56 miles away (90kilometer) and our goal. Learning the small towns do not necessarily have tourist facilities, hence must plan around those availability.

Jeanne’s bike has been giving her grief. Checked out perfect in anchorage but sat on back of car for nearly 3 weeks, and now the front brake is sticking. Every time I look at it, it rubs a bit, I adjust the little one can on hydraulic brakes and the wheel rolls but not great. Then today it barely rolls. She rode yesterday 33 miles and today 13 miles saying this is ridiculous I should not have to work this hard. Finally in frustration (to add to hers) I just removed the front brake. Brakes just slow you down. It seemed to be true as our pace doubled literally doubled. And we are back to usual of me barely keeping up with her.

And to add to our speed we stopped at post office and shipped 14 lbs (6 kilos) of stuff deemed extra, I had a hoodie in case it got cold, an extra bike jersey, and the iPad. Jeanne had extra lock, tools, cloths book and stuff. Away it went. Much easier. Like I said our speed literally doubled although it was now 1 pm and we had gone 13.5 miles since our 9 am departure.

Mailing home extra weight and removing front brake

The riding was then great. Although it turned hot 100 degrees at one point (39c) whew basically uninhabitable by humans in my humble experience, with this humidity. Sane people were inside, while we rode the sunny side of canal.

Cruising time

The surface is great, what they call stone dust. A hard very rideable surface perfect for our 1.75 tires or even road bike tires.

Once in a while shade
Locks 38,39 at Lockport
Big downhill at locks
Wondrous shade

Riding along and this old building says bike shop so pulled in. Sign says at house working and call so we did and he came over. I had been through several theories and finally found on web that avid juicy brakes tend to get dirty and the pistons stick, not retracting leaving them to rub. One advice said buy a new one (of better quality) another said do not just throw away as easily fixed by taking apart calipers soaking in brake fluid and reveled. Not something I particularly want to do in field or a motel room.

The mechanic and propriator confirmed this, tried cleaning without taking apart, but without success. Basically buy a new brake. Probably occurred driving down with dirt from back of car. Ok nice. He had no brakes for us.

But again getting tired still 26 miles (41 kilometer to Rochester and now 3:30. And it is now 100 degrees (39C). 90 in the shade. Ridiculous. I check and potential motel in Brockport only 13 miles (20 k), said same about Medina yesterday but was not true. The web can lie.

Mechanic said a decent motel and also said good beer in Brockport and that was it. We flew on with a tailwind pushing us.

Interesting as he also said it seemed ridership is diminishing on the Erie Canal. Not sure why but he thinks no one is pushing it and it does not have the amenities other trails have ( mileposts, distance markers, signs of available lodging food in towns. I confess in this heat I am not going very far in a wild search for something interesting.

Did see a turtle resting on road, lots of herons, kingfisher, and some unknown furry creature (about size of cat but badger like)


Interesting have seen only one boat moving on canal. Did hear some people last night talking about spending summer on east coast and now taking their boat back to Michigan. But have not seen boat movement. Or bikers although did see two groups of two for short rides. Interesting

Made it to Brockport and riding the 1.5 mile ride to motel and saw another bike shop. Stopped in and the fellow came out all excited to fix the brake but in the end confirmed get a new one. But he would love to have a look as unusual problem. But could not in reasonable time and probably break some seals which would do no good. Alas, but said several good places for beer. Ok we have been told twice now so forget motel and get a beer.

Numerous choices finally. Recently has often been bad light beer, light beer, or what they call a dark beer called corona. This place had maybe 30 on draft ipa, ambers, Pilsner, spice, from local breweries or other places. Excellent.

Decided on dinner too to alleviate return into town. Then on bikes to motel uphill or what passes as a hill here. Halfway there my gos gives me an alert “severe thunderstorm alert” before I have a chance to even look around or up it is a downpour”. We ride the couple hundred yards (meters) to a motel and I walk in dripping all over but the sky is clearing and beautiful out. I just put myself and clothes on shower to wash the severe stink out. Must have sweated at least a gallon and only took in 1/2 that. (Before the beer).

Yet another day. Made me think though, what the bike shop guy said, people do not want to figure it out themselves. They want it delivered. For me half the adventure is figuring it out what is out there. (I did stop a fellow on a tractor to ask what the field was growing- soybeans)

Whatever everyone is different, and the adventure continues

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