Bus ride back to Cusco, supposedly uneventful and a direct bus so theoretically short. But part way back a town the road went threw had a strike and inhabitants were sitting in middle of road for two hours, no one passed and the line grew longer everyone got out and walked about. Two people on our bus had a bout of stomach upset and searched for a bathroom to no avail. The locals pointed to the fields.

The bus had a bathroom but only for number one as drained right onto road.

Apparently the strike was over the government wanting to build a hydropower dam in the area. The lacks do not want it. Peaceful but Police at sideline with full riot gear ready. After an hour the sitters got up we returned to buses, cars, and trucks and on our way.

Arrived Cusco two hours late, almost as long as it took for our tour bus to get there.

Cab to hotel snd once in driver says 10 sols per person. Was 10 for both getting there. We asked before but not pet person. Alas. The when close a huge festival of some sort blocked the way. We got out to walk and it was a local dance festival. Tubas, trombones, trumpets, cymbals, bass drums, snare drums. Accompanied the colorful dancers. Several car alarms were set off due to the noise of the bands passing.




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