Lake Titicaca

Tour of lake titicaca continues. Only way out here to the islands is on a tour with the masses, but delightful.

Slow boat to one of floating islands. These were made famous, for me at least with Thor Heyerdahl’s book Kon Tiki as this was where he got the reeds for the boat. These islands are floating with maybe 6-7 huts on them. The islands are as expected a bit squishy but solid lasting about 30 years when a new one is made. Boats are reed and appear very sea worthy. For10 sols (about $3.50) the head of community took us for a very nice ride.

On to the island of Amantani where we met our family we were to stay with for the night, in the village of Colquecachi. Emiliane was our host, Jeanne, myself and a couple from Columbia. Emiliane has a guest room and was very nice with numerous lama blankets. Lunch was served, a delightful soup of potatoes and quinoa. Then potatoes, sweet potatoes, and some other root crops. Very good. The guinea pigs were running about under foot growing for a future meal they are invited to. (As in they are dinner)

Then on to the meeting place for a hike to top of island for view of sunset. Awaiting others in group a pickup game of futball was started. I joined in not embarrassing myself too much and we held our own against the locals, at 13,000 feet. Then a hike of about 2 kilometers to the top where clouds were beginning to come in so we slowly made our 3 circuits of the ceremonial site Pachatata and threw a rock to the east for a wish to be granted. The thunder and lightening were seen to the west and we headed down. Waiting in our room for dinner two boys joined us and sang songs to us, trying to carry on conversation, but my Spanish is very limited as yet. Dinner was delightful, Emiliane serving us potato soups then rice and potatoes,with Mint tea freshly picked. We could then go to a local dance but opted to go to bed, as raining and the hundred meter distance was too much. Jeanne had gotten chilled so piled under 4 heavy blankets as no heat in rooms.

Today awoke to a pan of delivered hot water to our room for washing, then another delicious meal of pancakes and potatoes with mint and or coca tea. Back to the boat to visit another island of isla tacquile. Interesting to see the different cultures so close. Here the men knit and the women make the threads etc. Another awesome meal and a three hour tour back to Puno.

Met a delightful couple from Bogota, Columbia whom we came to spend time with and discovered much the same interests. Alex and Marcela. Alex attends the same church I do: the church of the rotating mass. He love mountain biking and apparently there are some great trails in Columbia. We shared our family visit and tonight had a delightful meal here in Puno. We promise to return the favor.

Doing ok with altitude. saO2 I had the opportunity to check yesterday and it was 94% so very happy with that. High at this altitude should max at about 90-92%. A doc from France had an oximetry hers was as low as 79% due to asthma.






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