All things must pass

If you want the same results keep doing the same thing

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Victor Frankl

Arriving Arusha with Meru and Kilimanjaro peaks

And thus it is winding down for Jeanne and I. We are the only two left of our group. Due to a airline schedule change we had to stay an extra day here at Katambuga Lodge. The staff are taking incredible care of us. it is wonderful to see a staff which is not totally pressed to get things done. They seem to have time, almost too much. Seems every time I turn around they ask if all ok and if I need anything. In an hour I will find my bar bill for past three days here.

And thinking of the past month and remembering. Of course the animals stand out – mammals, birds, insects reptiles, plants, and thinking of interactions. But also thinking of people and humanity, interactions and history.

I had never thought too much about it, but history can tell a lot about the present. Slavery was a big thing here, dating back to beginning of humanity really , but in Africa it became a modern day commercialized industry. It destroyed cultures and people. Look at the modern world and many countries are messed up because of their slave history. It is hard to just dismiss it and go on without being affected. Look at the United States, it is still suffering 160 years after slavery officially ended.

Then there is colonialism. Similar to slavery but very different. One culture comes in and moves in on another. Africa is full of it as are many places (unnamed). People think they are better than others or are unsatisfied with their lot in life and move elsewhere. As one fellow here I was talking with said colonialism taught the people to be taken’ care of and not fend or think for themselves. Finally colonialism has ended (although one could make an argument takeovers have not.) many years though of subservience did not immediately go away.

Back to the good things – it has been an awesome trip. Both Jeanne and I agree we would do it again in a heartbeat. But every trip is different. Like doing the same bike ride every day. Each day is different. The past is gone and a pleasant memory. The future who knows, but the present is as said a present, enjoy it.

I have said it before when people comment on how wonderful it must be to have the adventures and travels we have had. Yes quite true But I look at it through my lens and everyone has a story and their own adventures.

Ok departed the wondrous lodge after lunch, and shower. Departed at 13:58 now through customs and in lounge (thanks to our status with alaska air). Nice to have a beer in air con without crowding. 3 hours to here. ok Wi-Fi is bad here at airport so will give up for now.

Last lunch Tanzania
Biking about Arusha
Doha Qatar arrival
Dancing with the Hadza
Sunrise Serengeti

Ok random thoughts talked with lady returning home to Spain. We agreed Tanzanians very happy and friendly people laughing smiling

COVID was denied in Tanzania. Although numerous people died including the president. Tasmania to the best of my knowledge, depends on about 45% of its economy on tourism, and it halted for 2 years. They were quite happy to see us.

The Tanzanian flag has three colors. Blue for the ocean, yellow for the minerals, green for the vegetation, and black for the people. Public school children wear uniforms in those colors.

And going home. Currently in the cattle corrals at Qatar airport awaiting departure to Seattle. They did not have a full staff waiting for us with fresh juice at airport hotel. This airport is huge. We are in c gates which number well over a hundred. Presuming a, b,& d gates are same.

And home where it is our bed and our food our cooking, our schedules, done our way. As my dad would say not right or wrong just our way.

Six hour plane ride to Doha, Qatar, where again had a hotel room. 45 minutes after landing we were in bed. Slept delightfully and at gate 15 minutes after depart room. Urgently 13 hours from Doha and 1 1/2 hour to go supposedly arriving just before noon Seattle time. Not bad read (audio) one book watched one movie, ate 3 meals watched the map a lot of progress And ponder being cold at home.

In Seattle customs easy but security getting off the plane always cracks me up and never left secure Area. Jobs program. Now have been through 3 to get here. Plus 1 to get off plane.

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