Pain nourishes courage.

You can’t be brave if you have had only wonderful things happen to you.

Mary Tyler Moore

I am finding internet interesting. The last post -“Gombe”, had a lot of photos and some video. When I look at it before hitting the post button it looks fine. But when I looked at posted version not all the pictures were there just the labels. Perhaps, if I wait longer, implying it takes a while to load from the server, but that did not seem to fix it.

Wondering if photos showed up for anyone else. Perhaps leave a comment as I am curious and need to delve farther or is this just a local problem.

Traveling always presents some problems. I recently read a saying by someone I cannot remember the name of

“One does not learn about other cultures while traveling, you learn about yourself”

I find this quite true. One can never really learn a culture just by looking at it from the outside. One needs to experience it from living the culture, which entails a lifetime of living. One can look at a farmer and see them tilling the soil, sowing the seed etc but one cannot really see or feel what that is like without doing it. Travelers like to look at something and see it, have it explained but most often they want to experience it through their own lens.

If I go somewhere I want to experience the travel. But take food for instance. We are trained to like and eat certain things and ways. We want to experience but not be out of our comfort zone. Inupiat native foods are an example. Fermented meat with blood is actually very good but takes some adjusting and learning. Or eating insects. Or eating a freshly shot Genet cat. But eating the cat as a tourist is one thing, eating it as a Hadza is different. That is their sustenance.

And getting back to internet, we come from a world of internet. It has become a source of communication, sharing, learning, and education for us westerners. Over the past years we have learned this mode of communication. And we have begun to depend on it. Look at many places in the world, people are looking at their phones. Look at home and see how much technology is at the table.

And then when we are cut off from that technology it throws us off. We want our connection to our world.

I guess this little rant is now directed at me. I am mad at myself for getting upset with not having good Wi-Fi. When one is traveling somewhat one should accept the local customs. Hopefully for the 5-10 people reading this (on a good writing) you can interpret my writing and accept the foibles. Written on the phone and most photos with phone.

4 thoughts on “Internet

  1. Got the photos. Good write up. I remember you Divide trip really frustrated you cause of no internet/Wi-Fi/connection.
    I still say no technology at the dinner table.

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  2. We can see all of your pictures here in Missouri. Thanks for “taking us along” on your trip. We’ve very much enjoyed your posts.

    Jeanne, John and Bret

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