Anchorage biking

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule.  Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes and more often is the case the best of all is your own little world.  Yesterday a group of us decided on a bike ride about the awesome trails of Anchorage.   Which ride to make of many dozens of choices, all of which we have done uncountable times.  Something different.  How about a brew pub ride?

Anchorage is noted for its plethora of brew pubs popping up about town.  I have never tried counting the numbers of different brew pubs, but we visited 5 yesterday and skipped over several more.

Began as usual from home riding the tour of Anchorage trail to meet friends at start of Campbell Creek trail and proceed that until bailing off the trail to ride the 2 blocks to Cynosure brewing.  I had told Jeanne in the beginning I was not sure I could drink all those beers coming up.  But she, being smarter than me, said one does not get one 16 ounce beer (325ML), but a sampler of the variety they offer.  Usually a sampler is 5-6 tasters of the maybe a dozen offered.  My memory does not go for 5 or 6 different tastes, as I can’t seem to remember each and require a larger quantity to instill my taste buds with the memory.

Ok one beer down and I realize I need food for the absortive qualities it offers.  Brewpubs like to make beer not food hence often do not serve food, but have rallied to have food trucks outside.  Cynosure did not have a food truck but double shovel was 3 blocks away.

Double shovel is a cider place and I went straight for the Filipino food truck, and had Joe order the drinks.  Great choices of food and the six of us had 2 sampler trays of various ciders.

On to the next site about a mile or so away, Turnagain brewery, which used to be King Street brewery before they moved down the street.  A barbecue food truck and I ordered a round of fried pickles to go with the beer.  This time again I had a full beer and others a sampler.  Sitting around with great conversation.

Back on the bike and we arrived at the new King Street Brewery with its brand new building.  Nice and big but very limited outdoor seating, the inside a nice decor of steel framework.  Unfortunately steel tends to bounce sound and not absorb, hence to place is loud, but another beer down.  Did not visit the food truck as slowing down quite a bit on the consumption.

Anchorage Brewing is around the corner with fire island bakery across the parking lot.  Unfortunately my drinking and eating abilities are not what they were in previous times, and we just looked.

But now time to return finding the bike path again and continuing westward to experience the new pavement laid down like smooth butter.  No potholes, cracks, frostheaves, and such.

A return to where we met and Jeanne and I returned home.  This was supposed to be an afternoon activity.  6 and 1/2 hours after depart we arrived home, after a delightful day.  27 miles of friends, beer, conversation, and I got to ride my bicycle. Life is good.

And holy mackerel, trying to find some sort of picture for this rambling, as I did not take any pictures, I found you can get tour companies to take you on this tour.  Wow $200 for a day tour.  Whew.  The world is crazy.IMG_3966

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