A different trip

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.              Paulo Coelho

Gentle readers, again I am taking off on another adventure.  This time the bike is not accompanying me; but am being accompanied by 10 other folks and a few groupies.  There are 8 ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen year olds plus Jeanne, the coach, and myself.  The groupies consist of 4 parents.  We are heading to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the western region ski jumping competition.  This is a different kind of adventure.

Our kids will be jumping the 20,30 and 45 meter hills although there is competition on the 70, 100, and 125 meter hills which will be great fun to watch.  I have seen big hills, but have never seen a competition on them.

At first I was excited to go back to steamboat as I used to race there many years ago.  Alas I checked lift prices and it was obvious they do not want people like me there.  $155.00 US for a one day pass.  I will be busy enough monitoring our group.  

Several years ago a friend approached Jeanne and I to say she was very jealous of our adventures and trips.  It was true we have done some amazing trips and adventures and seen a tiny portion of our world.  But I thought about it, not being one who can quickly come up with a comeback, only to acknowledge her desires to travel and explore.  The next day though, I mentioned to her our wondrous trips which were grand, but she had an adventure Jeanne and I are not doing.  Raising a family through the years of growth and exploration.  Perhaps even more grand.  She thought about it and said wow that is true.  (Then a year later she ran off with her best friends husband). We all have our own adventures and stories.  

Oh my gosh. Two of the kids got bumped up to first class. The excitement is barely contained. No wonder I am enamored with this volunteer activity. 

2 thoughts on “A different trip

  1. I forwarded this to Patty as I think she’ll be interested. They will probably by leaving Colorado yet this year. I think what you are doing is great though. lOve Auntie



  2. LOL!! Yep. we are jealous of your adventures too but would not give up our Kelsey. Funny, she always admired your lifestyle and she plans to live the same as her trekking mentors when she graduates in May. We’ll never see her again!! Ha! Enjoy your adopted ski jumpers. Kids are great fun to watch explore the world!


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