Troubles sort of but interesting 

Well this is interesting. Has been a good couple of days from Lima, actually 4 now. Centennial valley, red rocks wildlife preserve, into island park which was less than good, and warm springs campground which was great. 

But on departure up the hill into the farm lands of Ashton (where I grew up) received a text via garmin GPS (which is connected to )  road closed from flag ranch, our destination for the day 47 miles away, south. James and Jeanne were driving around due to rough road via Yellowstone. I called Tracy , my niece, and she said berry fire in Tetons blew up last evening and evacuating flag ranch now. 

Decide to ride south towards victor until James and Jeanne got word and could pick us up. Currently have been riding highway but sucks as busy with farm traffic but also tourists diverted around. No shoulder. So after about 10 miles decided to just stop under this tree and wait. 

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