Almost at the beginning

The only thing I know

Is that I know nothing



Well as noted last week I have occupied the time available.  Now the evening before depart for a two month trip I decide I best pack some stuff.  Luckily I have done this trip before, and being a bit of a nerd I had a list of everything we had and used.  Thus I have gone through it and made a new list with weights.

I am at 29.2 kg (64 pounds) including the bike. In 2012 I had 28.7b kg (63 pounds).   Wow fairly similar.  Some stuff was heavier some lighter and some I dropped. But since then I have added a few items which I did not weigh. 

But it seems luxurious.  Driving the van down to Banff and we will have support to carry stuff during the day.  Wow.  Hence one thinks different.  Maybe an extra pair of clothes, (now three pair: biking, off bike clothes, and a pair of clothes for van.)  More stuff to keep track of.  And a bowl and plate, not just a bowl.   Decadent.

But coming together mind racing.  Get the house sitter squared away with instructions, clean house ( I confess mostly by Jeanne), get ready for next trips after this one.  Bills paid.  The myriad things to do. 

But it is at the point of the more you forget the less you have to do or carry. 

 Why do I get so nervous. Guess that is just me: get used to it.  


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