Mendoza, Argentina


Two days in Mendoza. Resting doing nothing. A nice town of about two million people I.e. Another city. But this one has lots of trees and is very green and shady. They have built ditches into the sidewalks and road to keep the trees watered. Be careful driving to not fall in one. I understand during rainstorms they can be quite hazardous to small children.

But yesterday just stayed in camp and enjoyed the peace and quiet, going in about 5:30 to the bike shop to look for new gloves as new ones in august already wearing out. Have fallen for the advertising and bought a nice Argentina colors cycling jacket. Went to pay and asked if take plastic. Of course but then I realized I do not travel with plastic daily. With Brian and deb (2 new people just joining) and able to borrow the 800 pesos until back to camp and get to ATM to repay. (about$60).

A nice walk back to main plaza where restaurants were. Waited till 8 when first ones started to open and had a delightful meal, then cab back to camp.

Today similar except went in about 1 just to take picture of plaza even though quiet during day. No shopping but did run into Terry, Berry, and Buck at an open ice cream shop and enjoyed that. Then back to camp.

James found a restaurant near camp and a nice dinner of pizza beer calzone and great conversation. All for about $9.

Tomorrow we return to the bikes and our route south.



And interesting I find, in that several bottom brackets are wearing out. Three bikes thus far. Lucho currently trying to file a spacer for one as cannot find a spacer in any of four bike shops in town. Interesting.

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