Ciudad de Uyuni rest day

If you wish to know the Divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand. Buddha

Awoke after a great nights sleep on the salt bed. Per usual had about 4 heavy blankets to keep warm. Fortunately I like heavy blankets. But problem-bike dreams and hotel had no coffee, just tea. Arghhh. I require coffee, and luckily know this so, so I had stowed away several Starbucks via instant coffees. Well all the coffee here is instant, but Starbucks vias are good coffee. I have gotten used to the Nescafé, but still an emergency ration was necessary. I became a hero.

Then bicycling and it was time trial day. Remember this is a race although only one (James) is really racing. But what the heck I entered with about 20 others. The rest just took off and headed to the finish and on to the town of Uyuni. At the finish everyone was coughing and hacking from jumping on the bike and roaring full tilt boogie for 7 kilometers at 3625 meters. I knew within a hundred meters I had made a mistake, but only 6900 meters to go. Finished in my usual last place finish.

After a pleasant ride into town of another 27 kilometer arriving about 11 am. Nice hotel, again Buck and I are on third floor, and surprise hot water. And no surprise internet, but as soon as 40 people get on, it became incredibly slow, and intermittent. One must be careful

The town itself has a population of about 6000 and is purely a tourist town as a step off onto the salt flats. Arriving on Sunday things were very quiet. But a rest day for catching up, so gather the weeks dirty clothes and take to the Lavanderia for washing. 2 1/2 kilos cost 37.5 bolivianos (about $5.00). The question is will I get any of it back. Supposed to be ready at 6 pm Monday.

Today is now Monday although definitely had to look that up. Cleaned the bike, greased the bottom bracket, changed the chain, changed tires to wider ones in hopes of a softer ride next days off road riding. Interesting changing tubeless tires which normally requires a compressor for inflation. Here only a floor pump and exertion. It worked.

Checked out the bike by riding out to the train cemetery where dozens of steam engines and carriages have been parked. Interesting to see them sitting in the dirt. Walter one of our drivers (from Vienna, Austria) had been out mountain bike riding as he did not have to drive today. We looked and tried to figure out what was what and just enjoyed the afternoon.

Back to town and attempted to connect via computer without wifi in attempt to download pictures from camera to iCloud, but a no go. So back to trying with wifi. Have now taken about 2000 pictures and takes way to long to back up onto iPad. Then try and determine which ones go to show although editing is minimal due to difficulty loading editing etc.

And tomorrow back to riding. 2 days off road 103 and 130 kilometers with 900 and 1500 meter climbs. Interesting. Another rest day then a couple days to Salta, Argentina with a descent to lower altitudes.




Update got the laundry but had to pick off line myself. Ok also be careful of steps not always the same height.

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