News and changes.

And so the saga continues. Currently at aguas calientes. A tourist town about 2000 feet below macchu Picchu. It is part of our entire lares trek from previous blog. And I continue somewhat chronologically.

Slept in next to hot springs till about 6:15 ( usual was 5 am up). A leisurely morning the cook had made a special cake for breakfast. And a quinoa drink which was delicious but no one could figure ingredients. And remember none of us speak Spanish and for once Reuben was not much help.

Onto the bus and as soon as u boarded I knew it was going to be rough. Having spent a lot if time in small planes I was as ready as I could ever be. Discovered a new meaning of fun. Holding a leaky plastic bag full of vomit for three hours down a winding gravel mountain road. Now that is fun hog material. The cold past days developed fully. Jeanne was there trying to help and others passed more bags as none were waterproof. But no rest for the weary, had to catch a train to agua calientes. Which we did I found a trash for my extra luggage and boarded a very nice tourist train for 1 1/2 hours descending to 6600 feet. Now in jungle. I spent time in train bathroom for those interested.

Arrived and 10 minute walk to hotel. I went straight to bed thinking the two flights of stairs were harder than the pass yesterday. Went straight to bed as we had 4 hours of free time to explore the town. Jeanne went to find password for internet. Very shortly I heard crying and knew immediately.

Jeanne’s dad Joe Molitor passed away yesterday about noon. He was 91 and it was not necessarily unexpected but it still hurts. He was a simple man who lived his family, and he loved St. Louis. It did matter where we were as long as the family was together. And Bud Lites.

Jeanne’s worst nightmare came true. She was hoping to not have him gone when we were gone. We had agreed to not return if such a thing happens but reality changes things. So we got Reuben from Llama trek and 2 1/2 hours after arrival reservations on trAin to urotombo where can from llama path will pick her up and return to cusco arriving about 11 pm. Travel insurance was able to help change her return reservations to the states and St. Louis.

So my partner left in a way unexpected and not as we hoped. She is within 2000 feet of macchu Picchu, and really wanted to meet the bike people when in cusco next week. Alas one has to expect change.

So I lie here in bed others on tour, at dinner but I am not eating due to stomach. Alas. Alarm for 5 am t o catch ride to macchu Picchu and climb if wayna Picchu.

Alas I miss Jeanne it was not the departure we wanted but then departures are weird.

Thinking of Joe Molitor and the numerous stories. Loved to barbecue. rest in peace you are with the love of your life Rose Molitor.

3 thoughts on “News and changes.

  1. I am so very, very sorry for Jeanne. I wasn’t sure if she was with you on this trip. Our love is with you and Jeanne at this difficult time. As you know, losing a parent or family member is so hard. Chin up. Jeanne would want you to continue and carry her heart on your adventures. Let us know if you need anything.


  2. I am so sorry about Jeanne’s dad. Rest in peace Joe Molitor.
    I am glad you are feeling better now. Sounds like buck is coming to cusco earlier than rest of group.

    Stay healthy and safe. Enjoy the ride!


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