Lima, Peru

Arrived Lima about midnight and a prearranged taxi took us to hotel, arriving about 1 am. Not as tired as expected but slept until 9am barely making the breakfast, then fell asleep again til 1:30 when we forced ourselves up. Just a day in Lima so did what we like best on short time: walk!

Lima is inhabited apparently by about 7 million people who call it home. We had been told not a lot of interest here and to just move on. And warned numerous times of the crime. So we were on guard, staying in a nicer area of town; miraflores.

Walked around what Jeanne thought was a zoo, as llamas and ducks seen through the fence in cages. Walked around and turns out it was a museum of Lima culture and an old excavated pyramid. (Museo Pucllana). The Lima culture inhabited this area from about 400 to 700 A.D. And was a maritime culture. As our guide noted the sun was worshipped in Inca culture a thousand years later but in the mountains where the sun is important for warmth and seasons. Here in Lima it apparently is always cloudy and the sun is present but not direct, thus the sun was not worshipped as it was in Inca culture, here the ocean was worshipped for its bounty.

In the building the mud bricks are still here 1600 years later, as noted because Lima is a desert and it never rains here, just a constant drizzle.

The culture worshipped the ocean as much of their sustenance came from there. A new building was often established starting with the breaking of a fancy nice pottery bowl, much as today we break a bottle of champagne for a ship. And apparently even an occasional human sacrifice was made with the same idea.

The pyramid here was 23 meters tall and theorized as a worship place for the higher ups and from there they could keep an eye on the commoners working below. The commoners paid their taxes through 2-4 months of work, often making bricks for the pyramid. As the guide noted the bricks were hand made and the walls were not meticulously straight. This allowed for earthquakes to rattle and roll and the bricks would naturally settle back into their naturally unstraight positions.



Some of this archeology has only come about in the last 5 months. It is an ongoing discovery.

Made me think of North American history. We think as far back as the pilgrims but the history goes back much farther with Indian cultures.

After the museum we walked to the ocean. Lima is built on cliffs above the ocean, and has a great park along the edge.


Being a Sunday families were out just strolling, the bike, skateboard, and dog parks were all busy.


Finally the sun set (although not seen due to clouds) and 15 minutes later it was dark, and we began a search for dinner. Found a great sidewalk cafe starting with a Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru. Tried making these at home before departure and ours tasted like I imagine shaving cream would taste. Here though very different and delicious. Meal was superb and we walked the rest of way back to hotel and again fell into a deep sleep. Now onto Cuzco.

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