Three bags bike is in there with lots of spare parts and tools and a few clothes. These three bags weigh 46 kilos (100 lbs). Jeanne for her three weeks only has a carry on.

Finally underway. 12:30 am flight to Salt Lake City.. Could not sleep but did enjoy northern lights, stars, and a map of where we were,along with the flight stats of speed, tailwinds,,latitude, longitude. I definitely like following along and seeing where we are. Even at night the views can be great, with the lights of cities defying one to identify them. Enjoyed looking at places I have been, and places lived in Idaho. I told Jeanne I saw the house I lived in as a kid in Burley. (Not true as I was about 3 years old).
Atlanta cloudy thunder storm kept us 50 feet from gate for 10 minutes. Nice walk though through airport. And now airport closed for thunderstorms. We are enroute next stop Lima.

Have the spot adventure site started to follow the map route of location, basically a map with a progress line on it. But I must update which means remember the batteries in the spot and have internet.

Next is a tracking map which theoretically sends out a signal every 10 minutes to relay where I am. Same SPOT tracker as above but can follow closer to real time. ( works out more than 10 minutes basically a map with a progress line on it. but fun). My sister followed us on the great divide with those and knew exactly when and where we were, (often before we did!) The locations are only saved for a week though. But you can click a waypoint and get a google map of site where I was.

As for what I am doing. Try this


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