And so before I begin this little trek, in four days, I want to thank all the people that helped. It is amazing the community we live in and how it sustains us. So I want to thank Jeanne my wife who has been awesome and encouraged me every step along the way. She may not want to do this, but she certainly knows that I would like to do this very much. When I first saw the Andes trip mentioned in a bicycle magazine advertisement, she immediately said go for it, you would really like it. She has been supportive ever since.
I also want to thank my sister for just providing encouragement. Again, she may not understand, but still encouragement is there. As her husband Steve says, “why ride a bike when you can walk the trail”? I think the opposite, but we understand the desire, and the differences whatever they are. They have an amazing life and numerous local adventures in Montana. Thanks to both of you.

Then there are the myriads of people who just give encouragement and “atta boys”. Rick Shaw of RTR bikes for helping set up the Ibis Tranny bike. Dennis and Annie Ronsse for arranging hikes, Joan, my neighbor for calling up after finishing a long ride and saying, “want to go for a short, evening hill climb”? And of course my friend Adam Larsen who sort of got me back into biking in a big way. He may not understand road riding or touring, but his ideas on equipment have been most helpful, whether I use the advice or not.
And of course Joe Britton who did the divide ride with me. He again showed me the numerous possibilities and different ways of doing things.

I sometimes think I am alone in this big old world, but then I will receive a atta boy from some stranger and it revitalizes me. It is an amazing world out there.

One thought on “Thanks

  1. JR, I’m Jeanne’s cousin, Cindy Buchholz, Can’t wait to follow your ride, sounds exciting, what an adventure! Will be watching from afar in St. Louis, MO


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