Hakuna Matata

We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.

Leo Tolstoy

Delightful three days, very different than safari and game drives. Jeanne asked me what I thought of this portion of trip- to which I had to reply, very glad of it, because showing a different view of Tanzania, from animals. Beach life and well it is beach life.

Flew from Arusha to wherever this is on coast, arriving at nice grass strip and met by lodge with van and trailer to haul us to lodge. At the lodge met us with fresh coconut drink then ate the coconut meat. Seems all the lodges meet you on arrival, as if you are the most important person in the world.

Pagani international airport
Getting instructions, directions of lodge. No escort at night needed
Our room has a wash basin outside so can wash sand from feet. Has a lock on door if desired but windows are open air. Staff comes in in evening and lowers mosquito nets and come/ in in morn and raises. Shower toilet sink etc behind white wall

So for three days now we have resided beside the Indian Ocean. The day breeze is awesome due to heat. Our group is from alaska and definitely having trouble in heat. Up to mid 30’s C (90’sF) cooling to 26 (78f ) at night. Fans are heavily used by us at night, as the day breeze quits. Again though the sunrises are amazing

Sunrise photo by ray

We have have had activities each day but not the go go of safari. Today walked up the beach into mangrove area at low tide. Amazing interactions, animals plants life importance to the world and biome conservation. Dave and I continued on to point about 5 k down beach. Very nice walk with breeze but sun still blasting down.

Yesterday out to the island about 3 k offshore. Just a sand island which is covered by a high high tide. But 4 hours snorkeling. Always amazing to see tropical fish and coral even if not of high quality. And fun being in water.

Quite exciting to me

Walk through the local town interesting. Repairing boats, utilizing mango wood. All hand sawn and bent if needed in a hot pool. Nailed and cotton packing.

Boat repair
Water bath for wood and mango wood behind
Hauling in the fish catch after drying
Dagga fish drying facility

Mangroves low tide


Beach boat
Our dinner service – lights on horizon are fishing boats
Birthday party
Local resident
Kids everywhere are curious
Another baobab tree
My sister sent this Gary Larsen cartoon after I inundated her with pictures

Thus it has been a delightful three days, but am feeling the urge to move on. Tomorrow we fly to Zanzibar. We are staying at stone town where the colonist of Africa began the destruction of the modern world with the shipment of slaves from stone town.

Apparently Zanzibar is a hot spot for beaches as there is night life there. Geez we have night life. Here celebrating a birthday staying up until almost 8:30.