Xmas 2018

Remember that you are never alone in your pain, and that everything is temporary. Pain, joy, elation, panic, anxiety, it is all temporary. Be grateful for the experiences that continue to build character, and make you who you are.

Khloe Kardashian

After a delightful visit with Zak & Natasha, and a short wondrous visit to Rotorua we began the 450 kilometer drive to Wellington. Definitely not a high speed divided freeway autobahn. Did the drive in about 7 1/2 hours enjoying some desert scenery, winding roads, snowy mountains and views of sheep on pastoral green hills.

As per usual with our travels we have troubles establishing a reservation for a nights stay as leaves the options open. New Zealand, and I believe Australia too, have an app called CamperMate which shows campgrounds for selfcontained and not self contained as well as gas stations, information, points of interest. You can even put in “lord of the rings” and sites will show. We use that and on arrival discovered a few sites, opting once again for the top10 holiday park. Our third one and have all been good. One cannot just “free camp” unless it says so. (A self contained camper van is certified and must be self support for a minimum of three days, toilet, water, etc)

Again we went to the camper park kitchen as most people do for meals. Stove, electricity, water cleanup provided. One just brings utinsils, food, and smiles. Very civilized. Sometimes one eats there, or sometimes take your food and such back to van.

Jeanne prepping dinner
Jeanne & J. R. Post drive and walk
Evening walk in huff valley across from Wellington
Appetizers before dinner with admiring friends

A wondrous beautiful sunset and sleep.

Sunset Wellington

We awoke Christmas Eve with time to kill before the ferry to South Island at 1:30 pm so drove about for a view and walked the beach.

View above huff valley toward Wellington
Departing ferry

A walk about the town of Picton and decided on a Christmas meal out. A couple of good looking restaurants and opted for one. Great meal of Calamari appetizers and a prawns and salmon pizza. Oh my gosh with ice cream and cake for desert.

Arriving Picton
Irish pub libations

A friend from Australia told me her Xmas tradition was to be with family. They take the lawn chairs go out and sit in the creek and drink beer. Temp is usually around 40 (104F) so sounded good to me. Sound like something to emulate. During the night Jeanne awoke me to say the wind was blowing, I replied it was not wind only turbulence from Santa’s sleigh. We awoke in the morn to pouring rain and wind, which has continued all day.

Laundry, cleanup, organize and prep for the one scheduled event we have this entire trip. A 4 day trek of 72 kilometers along Marlborough sound.

Christmas bread (someone else’s) Austrian
Christmas morn
Christmas morn in our van with Christmas tree

Thus far a great Christmas although no creek to sit in. (Also temp is 18 (about 65))

and the rain continues although forecast says decreasing this evening.

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