Head south on north island

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

John Muir

Somehow it seemed we had two weeks to explore the north island, from the 12 December until the 26 when we begin our one scheduled event, a trek on South Island. Not enough time to see and do it all. One must realize this and enjoy what one does, not lamenting what one does not do but revel in what one does.

Hence a delightful time at Martin bay camper park, a secluded bay just 60 kilometer north of Auckland. First glance coming down the hill was oh my this is crowded, but worked out nicely. For $2.00 more received a site near beach. Friendly families all about and a superb beach.

Then on to Matamata where the Hobbiton Movie Set is. Signed up again with low expectations but many said it is a must see. Yes it is. As one visitor said nice to see the set rather than an amusement park. Let’s you know the incredible amount of labor which goes into a movie.

Normally a set is destroyed when done but here the owners of the sheep farm have kept it going as a tourist attraction. Great fun and I must see the movies again for the unknowth time.

New Zealand in the short time I have been here has impressed me. Getting around relatively easy with a car, roads are not high speed although speed limit is usually a 100 kph and I can barely do that on the winding no shoulder roads. Only a few divided highways. Usually for Jeanne and I 400 miles (about 600 k) is a long day. Our longest day here is 270 kilometers (about 170 miles or 8.75010406395254E-12 parsecs).

Driving is getting easier although yesterday I did my first drive down the right side of road. Turned left onto side road and instinctively went to right, then realized mistake before Jeanne had caught it. No one or cars were on the road so no problem.

Did talk with one fellow about where energy comes from. New Zealand still has 3 coal plants built in the 1970’s and are approaching end of their life span. “They” are hoping to achieve 100% renewable in the not too distant future. Solar, wind, thermal and hydro. Interesting as have seen none of those or rare on a small scale.

and of course not all good. Every parking lot says lock car. Our friends van broke into and clothes and computer stolen. Arghh. Everywhere has good and bad.

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