Rome – Albany 3 days – Erie Canal 2018

“real generosity to the future lies in giving all to the present.”

Albert Camus

Preparing for a rainy day

Made it through the past three days. After Rome which we had high hopes for, due to the name, but seemed just a busy road of malls. Rained all day, but have good gear so not bad. The wind was blowing gusting to an occasional 20 and it hit an advertising flag blowing it sideways into my path on sidewalk. I was on sidewalk due to no road shoulder, a curb and busy traffic. Seems most of the accidents I have had were on a sidewalk. But I hit the flag and it ripped my handlebars sideways and I went down fast and hard, hitting left side hip, shoulder, and banged the helmet. But other than sore seemed ok, except a headache all day unrelieved by usual remedies, fluids, coffee, aspirin. Gone the next day but still cannot lay on left side.

Rainy day riding
Using an underpass to check maps
Beautiful trails

Seems a common theme as we talk with locals that the small towns are dying. Used to have an industry but in the 70’s it moved to bigger city. These are towns of less than 10000 population. Why? My theory is globalization and was cheaper in a more centralized place. Not bad, just a changing world.

Good food although wet outside
Waiting for a cab to go back to motel
Another lock with the dam behind
Awesome trails
Along the Hudson River
Albany finish

For the most part the Erie Canal trail was great. There are sections which are on road but mostly beautiful trail through incredibly delightful temperate forests of a variety of trees. Since we left Buffalo the colors have not started. A few reds, and hints of colors starting but green.

Found a good motel near finish and a great bar with Cajun food nearby. Delightful end. Now a week off visiting friends in the area, then on to the next trip.

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