When in the wilds, we must not carry our problems with us or the joy is lost. Sigurd Olson

Finally the day has arrived and we start biking. One plans, thinks, imagines what it will be, then the day arrives and reality comes to fruition.

Crossed back into America through long line on Rainbow bridge over the Niagara River just below the falls. Lucky I knew by heart the license of our car for customs agent. They always scare me with so much power. Somehow I have never been able to think of them as good guys.

But walked the American side of falls which is also incredibly impressive. I felt for both sides, given the number of visitors they have developed it nicely. One can view it quite freely, but the opportunities to spend money are there, but not totally in your face. The falls are impressive just because of the volume of water , 100,000 cfs we did spend $1.25 each and took the elevator to bottom which is always interesting looking up at falls

Delightful to walk about, having walked about 10 miles (16 kilometers) in past two days. Then on into Buffalo and found a car storage place in a big warehouse.

Drove downtown to check out start of the ride, then plugged in the address to the night motel, seeing the bar where the original buffalo wings came about. (Chicken wings in barbecues sauce) or so they say.

Unfortunately I put in the street address correctly but thought the motel was in Buffalo, but it was back in Town of Niagara Falls 20 miles back, but we had a good drive about town amongst the neighborhoods. Funny being back in developments after two weeks of country.

finally arrived at motel and began sorting gear for biking. Excitement. What to take? What will we actually need? What to leave behind? This is a credit card trip, so no camping, just bike gear and evening attire.

Thus it is this morning. Getting dressed, will drive Jeanne to the start, drop her, the bikes, and gear, then I drive to warehouse dropping the car and Uber it back to the start. Yahoo. Finally I get to ride my bicycle.

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