The human heart and the environment are inseparably linked together. If you think only of yourself, ultimately you will lose.

The heart of compassion

The XIV Dalai Lama


Well back in Anchorage for a couple of weeks.  Was a long flight home:

Guangzhou, China was not a bad airport.  Had couches to sleep on and places to walk.  Spent 6 hours there, just in the transit area hence did not have to go through immigration which is nice.

12 hour flight to Los Angeles where global entry came in handy as in and out of immigration in minutes whereas the regular line was very long.  But had to go out of terminal and walk a long way between terminals in a crowded pickup area.  then I was told could not check in to next flight as 7 hours early and 4 hours was max  for security.  No place to wait but on the curb beside the traffic. Alaska airlines though checked and checked me in and I was allowed to go through the security, luckily I have the recheck and again a short line.  But the airport was crowded and I was ready to go back to Asia.  Finally was able to get a chair next to window which I could use as a headrest and fell asleep.  My find friend Joe called and woke me in time to catch the next plane.

Took about 5 days to convince my body to wake and sleep at the correct times.  Time zones and jet lag are good for letting you know you are a physical being subject to biological systems, hormones, schedules and such.  Difficult to just power through it, although one can fake it.

And currently here in Anchorage the sun rises officially at 08:53 am and sets at 16:32 for 7 hours and 39 minutes of daylight.  decreasing at 5 minutes a day.  Have brought out the SAD light and taking vitamin D.  (SAD light for those unfamiliar are bright lights (10000 lux) which you sit in front of for 30-45 minutes a day and it simulates the sunlight)  The sun now at its highest point is only 11 degrees above the horizon.  In the middle of day I will stop somewhere in the sun and just stare at it eyes wide open.

Try and get out every day but today it was pouring rain and just seemed futile on the snow which was transforming to ice.  And I do not have studded tires on my bike.img_9200

Then today I checked on the insurance claim as have been going back and forth getting all the documents in.  Today they let me know that there is no coverage for “mountain climbing or any other high altitude activities”.  Fine print on page 15.  alas..  Well it was a great trip and although it cost an extra $1000 dollars for the time I spent on my own having departed the intended trip, it was a very enjoyable time.  They would not even cover the $100 for the doctor which they required me to go to before realizing it was altitude sickness.  So much for travel insurance.  I would not recommend Allianz travel insurance.

Am still a bit confused as to why I got sick.  Guess I just went up to fast but only 14700 feet.  Not that high and have been there numerous times before. It still is one of the greatest disappointments I have ever had.  But perhaps I can go back to the mustang area another time.  There are alternatives, but I missed being with an incredible group and bike riding through an incredible area.  Fortunately I do not regret coming down when I was sick.  I would not have made the pass.

And now have gone through the election of a xenophobic, sexist, racist president elect.  Am I so far I am off in my ideas,  that I consider him to be totally opposite of my views.  Half of the population of the United States felt he will be good for us.  Now he is trying to destroy our health care insurance which was unavailable before the so called Obama care, wants to pull us out of Paris climate treating, open the environment for total degradation, cut education to unsustainable levels.  Where is the good?  What am I missing?????  But as noted half the population feels he is for the best.  I am trying to understand.  He says he is going to get jobs back but unemployment is at 4.9% considered full employment.  Stock market is at record levels.

Perhaps it is education: as “they ” say it was less than college educated people which voted him in.  I guess decreasing education is working for him.

Again I am trying to be positive about this, but as someone noted, “It’s OK to freak out, grieve, and vent for a while. Then we can get back to work, as always, for the good..  Just because 1/2 the population voted him in does not mean his ideas are right.  One still has to argue for the right.

Apparently this is the first time since the period of 1921 to 1929 that Republicans have totally controlled the presidency, both house the legislature, and the supreme court.  (The triad creating balance of powers preventing  the oppression of the majority over the minority and vice versa)  Hmm, there was an event in 1929 called the Great Depression, which took many years to recover and even today people recall it as a very dark time in our recent history.  I guess I say, “well the republicans have the power now, let’s see if their ideas work.”  I am skeptical.

A friend who is a Trump supporter says give it a year.  He listed some ideas to watch and I agree.  He said “Muslims will be welcome in the U. S., African Americans will have access to more education and be involved in less violence. Women will still be allowed to choose abortion and have free access to birth control. Immigrants will still be allowed to legally enter into the country, and  the homeless and unemployed citizens of America will have more access to jobs that have been taken away from them.”   Seems quite a stretch from todays attitudes and in a years time, but I have no choice but to hope.   I believe he sincerely believes Trump will make this happen.

And getting ready for the next trip.  Exciting as heading south again.  Back to Ushuaia in South America and on to Antarctica.  Exciting.  As per usual as I have noted before one should be ready for departure anywhere on 5 minutes notice, but seems there is a lot to do.  Maps, what gear, money, cameras,
Now in Los Angeles again. Layover enroute south. Couple days here 












2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. My dear beloved nephew and you are you know. Many thoughts on what you have written and been doing. Too many to go into but on the election. My kids and I are all pretty much in varying degrees of passion on the same page with you. Here at my Buehler family there was not much political discussion but enough that I knew my closest friends that I’m more often with were on the same page as me. However, there are also a lot of well to do nice people including my cousin, Carl, who are diehard Republicans. I know at least some of them were excusing Trump before the election and I’m sure voted for him. Now the interesting thing is that they appear to be embarrassed and certainly are not gloating.

    Time will tell. I thought both Obama and Hilary were beautifully gracious, which i doubt would have been the other way round. Perhaps the most vulgar and arrogant man ever elected will begin to grow up with the full weight of the new responsibility. I just keep praying for the country which I still love – even if half of them are ….wrong?


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  2. JR. I’ve been feeling like a stranger in a strange land. I too, can’t understand how our nation could have elected this person. There wasn’t much choice. Time to go back outside, tune in nature, while we still have it, and get our heads and hearts back on straight. 🙂


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