To our half finish

The only important world is the one behind your eyes. And no one can access it but youNeil Gamen

Depart steamboat springs after a delightful stay there.  Just plain relaxing, and the ride out was superb through the ranch lands at first on a bike path along the yampa river then a county road which it seemed was a usual route of many local cyclists out for a morning ride.  

We moved along Dave, Constance, Nancy, and I with James and Jeanne driving vehicles.  Joy and Sammie had departed on their own as usual.  Soon we were several miles south and climbing a winding paved road which I could not remember.  Oh not unusual, but nothing was matching up with my 2011 map or Constance’s 2014 map which were slightly different.  But the gps said we were right on track, although several miles back the gps had said turn right and both maps said turn left.  We had believed the gps as it went towards the mountains and up, not back down into more ranchland.  We came to the lake and Constance asked if anything was familiar.  I said there was a great dam we had to cross but I was having trouble remembering the landscape.  But we kept going following the GPS.  

Finally I realized we were at the upper end of lake at opposite end from dam and climbing higher.  We asked a girl cycling by and she said the route to Lynx pass was the way we were going.  Somehow we had missed the dam.  Later I discovered I had set the GPS to go only on roads and the dam route was a walkable bike able trail but no road for cars.  

As we climbed  higher and eating lunch Joy and Sammie caught us and told us about the dam.  Alas, technology!

Made Lynx pass campground and had a delightful afternoon evening imbibing in Colorado delights.

Second day from steamboat the nice hills rolling through the forest then descent to the Colorado river. But on the ascent I gave up.  I knew the climbs to come and had been thinking of them for a few days.  Just tired and my heart was not in it, so jumped in truck with Jeanne and went to junction for Kremmling.  When the riders arrived I watched the bikes while Joy and Sammie went into town with James for their general delivery packages of supplies mailed before the trip.  

nancy fording some creek
three days out of steamboat springs
The returned and we three rode the 12 miles to Williams reservoir campground.  Another great camp.  Had a swim after riding then we just enjoyed the evening sitting around talking.  

Up at usual 6 am off by 8:45, Jeanne and Dave driving.  A splendid ride up to and over ute pass.  A ride right through the processing mill and tailings pond of Henderson mine and the molybdenum mine.  Joy managed to get to the top despite an asthma attack,mrelieved by her inhaler and rest at the top.  

stretching before ute pass climb
A rapid descent  topping 71 kph (44mph) then the highway with good shoulder up the blue river to Frisch where the group is planning a rest day.  We’re hoping for Breckinridge but no rooms.  Frisco is nicer.  I spent the afternoon in the garage with motel owner taking my bike apart and packing it up. 

Alas our ride is done.  The others continue to Mexican border. We are sad to leave.

2 thoughts on “To our half finish

    • Shirley we had a saying we had learned from someone we met along the way. It is called mühlers mile which is it does not matter the length of the trip one mile 10 20 50 or whatever that last mile is difficult. Am sad it is over but stay tuned there is more to come. We are leaving because of other commitments Jeanne health insurance and I have another bike trip. So stay tuned


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