Nearing the end of road trip 

“Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.”–Anatoli Boukreev
20 July 2016 

 46 years ago today I was working in Idaho beneath the Teton mountains spraying trees with this kerosene substance to attempt to decrease the pine beetle infestation in Idaho. Walking through the woods 10-15 miles a day, listening to the radio as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.  

Today Jeanne and I drove another 324 miles along the Yellowhead highway in Canada. Just driving a good highway along rolling hills. Forests and fields. More traffic.  And we continue to comment on the lack of garbage, frequent rest areas, and more frequent garbage cans.  (I wonder if there is a correlation with frequent garbage cans and lack of litter on the road).  (There is also up to $2000 fine for littering)  

A stop at the ancient forest of western Cedar. Apparently in 2005 a graduate student was studying western Cedar and discovered that they had buttress roots which are seen in tropical trees but are found in trees residing in wet soils. This area of trees was obviously more than just old growth forest but ancient, some trees nearly 2000 years old. It was also scheduled to be clear cut. He got the word out to the public and in 2006 the logging company withdrew their claim and it became protected.  The buttresses on these trees help to support the tree in the wet soils as well as provide more area for nutrient absorption.  I am sure it is more complicated than that, but that is what I remember from the information sign.  

But these amazing cedar trees, with great interpretive signs. And boardwalks have been made which are like walking through a tree house. They make walking easier but also protect the cedar roots from compaction. Raining on us (imagine that in a rain forest) but the number of species was amazing. On one cedar without even trying one could count 4 species of lichen.  

Then on to Rearguard falls on the Frasier river. 800 kilometers from the ocean and this is the highest the chinook salmon can go. The falls although not high are spectacular.  

Currently residing in the Mt. Robson Provincial Park Meadows campground. Unfortunately the clouds are about and the most spectacular mountain view from a highway in the world is not to be seen. Perhaps in the morning.  It is the same camp Joe and I stayed at 4 years ago.
thus the road trip continues. Soon will make it to Columbia Falls where my sister resides and we will pick up Constance and Dave where they are leaving their pickup for later pickup. Then we drive back north to Banff where we meet James and Nancy at the airport on the night of 23 and start riding on the 25. Yahoo. 

A map of our route 2 days ago back to Alaska.. Ketchikan, Alaska is noted in very bottom center.Interesting is the Internet availability.  Again as usual I am amazed at the lack there of.  Today was only twice: at the beginning and I am assuming at Prince George a city along the way.  I say assuming because Canada being a foreign country we have our phones turned off.  But I have acquired a small device which connects to any cell network and makes a hot spot for you.  We did it last night at Burns Lake and worked great.  But if no cell network there is no hotspot.  Which was almost all day except as noted and not here at Mt.  Robaon park.   I suspect not tomorrow driving down the ice field highway.  
For those interested the address for these tracks is

J. R. & Jeanne’s SPOT tracking
Made it to Jasper and turned on Internet.  Whoopee.  About 340 miles  a day .(540 km). Not a fast pace but also moving along 

One thought on “Nearing the end of road trip 

  1. I love reading about your adventures. Speaking of litter – i hate it. While I am against capiltal punishment, when it comes to to littering, I want to scream “Off with their heads.” I walk approximately 2 miles every morning, ccrossing a busy street where there are several drive-throughs. One has garbage cans and one doesn’t. While I find some litter at both places there is signifigantly more at the one without garbage cans and their litter is often what I find at the other.
    Less litter lately and I’d like to think its because people have seen this old gray mare stooping to picking it up and are shamed but I doubt that. I do remember on one trip with your mom when we had stopped for a bite and some young kids in a nearby car threw out some garbage. Your mom jumped out of the car, marched over and ordered in no uncertain terms, “Pick that up.” and they did. I’m not so sure that she could get away with that today without being shot. Anyway my love to you and the gang when you get there.

    A neat article on the front of the sports section today featuring Carl who was born 2 weeks after your dad. Interesting I think and it’s on internet I’m told.
    Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:29:54 +0000


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