After the end

Absolutely well done Michelle. Well written and thought out. Thanks much

The Adventures of Crazy Aunty Biggles

I had to finish my blog with some reflections of my trip and something a wee bit more happy then the last entry. I had planned to do all sorts of things while I was in Ushuaia like hiking in the national park and other side trips but they won’t be happening. Instead I am perfecting the art of drinking coffee, eating cake and people watching. There will probably be only two more updates, one of my travels albeit slow travels around Ushuaia and one post Antarctica then it will be time for Crazy Aunty Biggles to rest and dream up another adventure but I suspect it will hard to match this one.

My recovery is going well. Slow but well. I can put weight on my bruised leg and limp around with some enthusiasm now. I still have some damn impressive bruises arriving in all sorts of places and…

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