4 thoughts on “Mountains, Flowers, and a bit of biking

  1. JR, I have enjoyed reading about your Andes adventure and living vicariously through you. Thank you for sharing your story and all your beautiful pictures of places I only dream of. I thought you were a machine on our five day trip down the Copper but this exceeds all. Enjoy and keep on trucking! Jeanne Baer


  2. Ditto for the Baer’s. Pictures support your stories and vice-versa. Ferguson waiting for the ‘the verdict’. Has everyone on pins and needles, except me. I hope there is change for the better. We like Ferguson and it truly is a great diverse community that needs a big band aid. Bret came back this weekend from central Missouri’s prestigious university simply called Rolla. Good to see that boy. Jeanne’s is keeping up the good fight at her employer, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. She is very involved in the Ferguson struggles. Haven’t ridden in a while, but isn’t reading about it count for something? Midwest involved in a early winter.
    Take care,JR …… John


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