Chilicito rest day


Apartments with 4 of us in room. Quite ok by me. Buck, Terry, Berry, and myself. A nice evening in town as it arose from Siesta. Ate a huge meal then a huge ice cream cone.

This am coffee (Starbucks Via) emergency stash, then cab ride into town square for breakfast on sidewalk watching the world go by.


Word of warning or advice for those visiting here. Do not expect American feeding habits. There is not a rush. 1/2 hour to place order, then an hour or so to get the order, then eat and relax after. Seems status quo. And very nice with time to visit and enjoy.

After it was time to cross the street and see the plaza which was busy with people wandering, sitting, visiting, and whatever. Streets were busy. But alas lunch time and another sidewalk cafe. Steak with papa fritas (French fries). Could not get a dark beer as ordered but settled for a Budweiser. Finally heat building up and time to return to apartment, but first some beers and snacks for afternoon. Uh oh it was 1:30 and I looked up; square was empty, streets quiet and market probable closed. Quickly got a quick market as they were closing and we caught a cab. Afternoon heat rest catch up on this blog and pictures as internet mostly working.

Futzed with bike clean, add fluid to tires (no tubes).

Music sitting around legs not spinning, charge batteries.



Now clean up for another trip into town. Tomorrow back to work heading south towards Mendoza, about 700 kilometers and 6 days away. A fair amount of off road, so should be interesting.

Hoping all is well wherever you are and life is treating you as you wish it should.

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