Arrived late evening (well for us) at 5:30, an hour later time change in Bolivia. Hotel at first seemed awesome large entry, staircases going to various places. Beautiful woodwork and artwork. Stairs to our third floor with a railing ready to breakaway. Room with Buck has large 2 double beds, beautiful wood floors and a view out onto beach. Bay filled with boats. Ok that is the good side.

Shower was luke warm, the room cold, and internet crashed shortly after arrival. Can’t have everything. But bike dreams had hot soup for us downstairs in the restaurant.

After cleaning up, unloading trucks, and usual chores, Buck and I went wandering. I had changed money at the money changers at border so we were ready. Took a bit but found the tourist street with restaurants and reported back to hotel. Numerous restaurants to choose from, pizza being the primary desire, and good wifi. Chose a Mexican one which seemed to meet the criteria. As soon as password was passed around for wifi it crashed. I ordered chicken enchilada with guacamole and a beer, others there pizza and some wine from Chili.

Took almost an hour for food to come but reasonable taste although my enchiladas were vegetables mostly onions. No guacamole. And no pie or ice cream for desert. Ended up getting ice cream sandwiches from vendor down the street.

Copacabana seems a tourist town and numerous backpackers. Streets not as busy as other towns, maybe because it is off the main routes a bit. One street in particular is main tourist central where we went to breakfast of a good omelette looking primarily for wifi which they said they had, but even though 4 bars it was the circle of death and nothing not even a simple text.

After a walk 50 meters down street where Internet cafe for 18 Bolivianos (about $2.00) let me sit and upload pix and talk to Jeanne via face time and have a wonderful time communicating with friends and family. Most of us agree internet more important than hot water.

A walk down the beach and getting warm. Just watching people laying out, washing cars. One taxi was about 40 meters from water and he had plastic bags he would fill, carry to his car, and wash till water evaporated. Women with their long black hair to waist in two braids tied together with hat, colorful skirts, sweater and apron, often carrying the colorful blanket tied over shoulder for a load of anything, baby, water, food, reeds, sticks, whatever.

Just a nice day lounging about. Lunch, beer, desert, pondering Bolivian existence. A tourist town and a rest day for us.

Tomorrow we head for LaPaz a two day journey with hotel enroute. La Paz will be busy two rest days there but much planned. Bike ride on death road and a football game Friday. Have never been to a real football game (soccer), should be interesting. Not sure about pictures due to internet.





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