Bike-dreams update

Update on Wednesday 20th of August from Bike-dreams at the coast preparing to go back into the mountains and posted this on Facebook.

The Andes Trail becomes THE ANDES TRAIL.
Tomorrow we sleep at 300 m.
The day after at 1000 m.
2 days after at 2200 m.
3 days after at 3000 m.
Rest day
5 days after at 4200 m.
Over 6 days the apex of the tour at 4883 m.
Bye bye Pacific. See you over 9.428 kilometres in Ushuaia — at Huanchaco – Trujillo

As for me riding and training continues, 100-200 miles a week, having fun. Yesterday did yet another tour of anchorage socializing along the way ending up with 46 miles traveling about town. Then my neighbor, Joan calls and wants to go for a short ride to explore a possible new road. Ok 15 miles and 2 1/2 hours later we lost the road trying to take a short cut, and we were trying to find any road. Great fun.


And did a great trip with friend Joe, who did the divide with me. Went up power line pass from home with a high speed run down the road, returning home. Not much distance, 22 miles, but good uphill. Then a rapid hike on the hillside single tracks.

Friends are definitely getting me in some sort of shape, and getting the weight down, which will be a great advantage. Seems an ongoing battle. Climbers are scrawny as not as much to lift. All in a power to weight ratio.

Am enjoying friend Bucks blog ( who started in Quito 1August. Sound like some great people in the group, diverse and interesting. Much to learn from them. The mechanic is the Peru national bike champion. Food is good, and if riding fails there is a sag wagon. The participants all have varying reasons to be there some touring, some racing, some on vacation. I am very much looking forward to meeting them.

Buck talks of learning to ride in a peloton to survive the winds along the coast. As noted much to learn. First part for me is getting there and acclimating. But am feeling good.

“I asked Robin Williams why he loved riding a bicycle so much. I’ll always remember his answer, because it was wonderful and true. He said it was the closest you can get to flying.”
–Jason Gay, in the Wall Street Journal

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